Concrete and Concrete-Related Products

Ready-mix Concrete

High Grade offers a full range of concrete mixes and designs for virtually any need. We offer straight sack mixes, specified PSI mixes, and we can also custom-design a mix to fit your exact job specifications.

Besides the traditional concrete mixes with standard aggregates, High Grade is equipped to provide alternative aggregates and types of concrete for your specialized jobs:

  • Pervious Concrete - High Grade is NRMCA Pervious Concrete Certified
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete
  • Flowable Fill
  • Shotcrete
  • Grout

Colored Concrete

Are you looking for that customized, designer look for your driveway or patio, but think it's out of your budget? We have a full line of color-related products that are both affordable and appealing.

  • Color Charts are available for Contractors, along with pricing
  • Color and color-related products (Sealers, Hardeners, etc.) are available for order

Stamped Concrete

Most often used in connection with color, stamped concrete adds an eye-catching visual dimension to your project. You can disguise your ordinary concrete as brick pavers, cobblestone, and a variety of other patterns.

Concrete Blocks                                                    Colored and Stamped Concrete

High Grade sells a wide range of landscape blocks for retaining walls or landscaping. For more information, find it here.

Septic Tanks

If a city sewer system is unavailable where you live, we offer all the components to install a complete septic system for your home. Click here for all the necessary information.